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About Us

More about our mission and who we are!

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AUesome LLC is a social enterprise founded in 2020 to address the inaccessibility and low parental involvement for children with autism to receive critical at-home therapy. Drawn from our personal experiences in the neurodiverse community and through collaborating with therapists, professors, doctors, and parents, we designed at-home therapy kits accompanied by a digital platform, dashboard.auesome.co to make at-home therapy more accessible and affordable.

AUesome has received and fulfilled 200+ requests for free kits from over 100 families across the United States.

  • Walk-through videos
  • AUesome App
  • Parent-Implemented Interventions
  • Hands-on therapy

Bridging the digital and physical world of at-home therapy, one kit at a time.


AUesome’s mission is to make therapy more accessible and affordable.


Digital therapy simply can't replicate the benefits of hands-on therapy. That is why AUesome bridges the best of both worlds with our physical kit and software application.

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Partner with  Us

We work hard to bring our families AUesome therapy kits. We are always looking for partners in our mission, from nonprofits to businesses, therapists, parents, and more. 


We provide free kits for those in need.


We build our kits with input from you! We appreciate any and all feedback. 


You are why we work to make AUesome kits! Please give us any feedback you have to help us improve our kits.