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About Us

More about our mission and who we are!

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AUesome’s mission is to make therapy more accessible and affordable. Our kits, instructional videos, and app simplify the at-home therapy process for parents of children with special needs.

In the past month, AUesome has received 200+ requests for free kits from over 50 families across the United States. We have shipped kits out to families spanning from the west to the east coast.

  • Walk-through videos
  • AUesome app
  • Parent-implemented intervention
  • Hands-on therapy

Bridging the digital and physical world of at-home therapy, one kit at a time.


AUesome’s mission is to make therapy more accessible and affordable.


Digital therapy simply can't replicate the benefits of hands-on therapy. That is why AUesome brings you the best of both worlds with our kit and accompanying videos and app.

Executive Team
Our leadership consists of individuals across the Bay Area who are passionate about autism, working with children, technology, and change.
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Isabella He

Isabella is a senior in high school from Fremont, California. She is a co-founder of AUesome specializing in product conceptualization and design, customer relations, and marketing. She is a dedicated neurodiversity advocate, involved in the Stanford Neurodiversity Project and nonprofit Friends of Children with Special Needs.

Anshul Gupta

Anshul Gupta is a high-school junior in the Bay Area and is passionate about computer science and helping young children. Along with his roles as a co-President at AUesome, he volunteers at Best Buddies California and is a tutor at FCSN. He also has formed a math tutoring organization where he teaches algebra & a hackathon.

Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim is a student at the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy specializing in the design and customer experience of AUesome. He is an aspiring designer interested in digital innovation and social entrepreneurship.

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Words From our Families
Partner with  Us

We work hard to bring our families AUesome therapy kits. We are always looking for partners in our mission, from nonprofits to businesses, therapists, parents, and more. 


We provide free kits for those in need.


We build our kits with input from you! We appreciate any and all feedback. 


You are why we work to make AUesome kits! Please give us any feedback you have to help us improve our kits.